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Vaginal Treatment

There are now new and exciting possibilities for vaginal treatments using Radiofrequency and Laser. We use the BTL Exilis for treatment of the vaginal walls to help women suffering from painful intercourse usually due to the menopause. This is particularly welcome news for women who cannot have hormonal treatment or choose not to have hormones. Some of the women in this group are breast cancer survivors who have been asked to avoid oestrogens. In addition, there are anecdotal reports of women with early prolapse and stress urinary incontinence having a benefit. This is not yet proven but some women have chosen to try this option. This seems to work by increasing collagen formation and blood supply to the vaginal skin. While some centres use it for ‘vaginal rejuvination’, we believe that this claim is unsubstantiated and would prefer that women considering this option make an appointment with one of our doctors to decide if this is appropriate for them.

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