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Ms Veena Kaul

Ms Veena Kaul

Ms Kaul is a consultant gynaecologist and has extensive experience in managing most benign gynaecological problems. She is a specialist in the management of vulval conditions, lichen sclerosis and vulval pain. She is an advanced menopause specialist accredited by the British Menopause Society and offers cognitive behavioural therapy for problematic menopausal symptoms. She is a Professional Clinical Advisor for Cervical Screening to Public Health England and a member of the Quality Assurance team visiting different colposcopy units in the North of England. Ms Kaul is keen to improve global women’s health and volunteers in low and middle income countries to teach and train nurses and doctors in Colposcopy. Her interests outside medicine include park runs, trekking and playing badminton. She relaxes by playing the piano and doing yoga.


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