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Dr Arturo Almeida

Dr Arturo Almeida
Consultant Surgeon and Aesthetic Practitioner

Internationally renowned as a keynote speaker, medical trainer and expert in minimally invasive and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Dr Almeida is also an experienced Consultant Surgeon, medical ambassador of International Plastic Aesthetic Residence (IPAR) and a key opinion leader within the Aesthetic Medicine industry Arturo’s main areas of expertise are fat-dissolving treatments, varicose veins (using a unique technique to treat truncal varicosities with laser in an office-based setting) and minor/dermatology surgery. But he’s also a very skilled and experienced Cosmetic doctor, with thousands of procedures performed and loads of happy patients
Arturo has a passion for training, and he has personally trained hundreds of Doctors, Dentists and Plastic Surgeons all over the world in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and body contouring procedures. Right next to leading experts in aesthetic field, Arturo has been invited as a keynote speaker on Congresses and Workshops in United States, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Kazakhstan, and Serbia
“For me, it’s an honour and a privilege to join VSL Clinic team, as I share their core principles on what a private medical practice should be. I’m humbled to bring over my expertise as a medical doctor and a business owner to contribute to development of this fantastic project and, therefore, to provide the BEST quality service to our patients”


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