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Skin Rejuvenation

Many people are concerned about the changes they notice in their skin but are confused with the wide variety of treatments available. You have the opportunity to meet our experienced medical professionals who will discuss with you the best options for your needs. The various skin rejuvenation treatments available are: The Beauty Peel is done using various serums, suited to your requirement. This may be a one-off treatment or a course designed just for you. You may even consider this the ‘ultimate’ facial, for that fresh look and feel. Skin Resurfacing can be achieved through peels and radiofrequency treatment. The benefit is for targeting skin areas stubborn to other treatments and can be used by itself or as part of other treatments. The principle of these treatments is to challenge the skin by causing local inflammation which then encourages the body to use its natural repair process to heal. Injections like botulinum toxin or dermal fillers can be used to smoothen out wrinkles and give a youthful appearance by filling in depressions and areas of fat loss. The type of injection used will depend on your need and can be used to either create a slimmer jaw or to enhance one!

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