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You can see a Consultant Gynaecologist for concerns such as Menopause and issues around your intimate health such as pelvic or vulval pain. You can also have treatment for heavy periods, PCOS, or discuss prevention of ovarian, endometrial or cervical cancer. We offer biopsies and hormonal evaluation for gynaecological conditions. If you would like to […]

Menopause Clinics

Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life but can be quite troublesome or indeed distressing for some. Symptoms of menopause may actually start before your periods have stopped and continue for a few years after your periods have stopped. Whether it is hot flushes, prevention of osteoporosis or pain affecting your intimate life, […]

General Neurology Clinics

The clinic provides the opportunity to be seen and assessed by an experienced Neurology Consultant. Whether you are concerned about memory loss, epilepsy, muscle weakness, sensory symptoms or any other neurological issue, you will receive a thorough consultation. You can book directly with the clinic or online and while there is no need for a […]

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