Treatments We Provide

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

This contains a natural chemical botulinum toxin which has been used in medicine for over forty years with a good safety record and is approved for use by trained professionals. Millions use it around the world every year and it works by relaxing the facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. This injection is also used to treat hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, headaches and other conditions.

See the Anti-wrinkle – Patient information leaflet published by Aesthetics Complication Expert Group (ACE 2016) for more information including possible side effects and risks. You need to feel comfortable with your practitioner personally and be confident in their professional ability. You will have the opportunity to meet our experienced medical professionals who will discuss with you the best options for your needs.

Lip and Cheek Fillers

Dermal fillers are injections used to increase the volume of lips and cheeks. The fillers give a finer definition to the lips and also fills out wrinkles. The effects can last from a few months to over a year, depending on the type of filler. If you’re considering dermal fillers, please make an appointment to see one of our experienced clinicians to consider what may suit you as each person is unique and one size does not fit all! It is important that this procedure is carried out by a properly qualified practitioner in a clean and safe environment.

What to expect: You have a choice of a local anaesthetic cream or injection. The filler is injected through a series of small injections and is then gently massaged in. The whole procedure may take anything between 30 minutes to an hour. You should expect some discomfort but it should not be very painful. Afterwards, you can expect some swelling, redness and tenderness for about 24 hours. Risks are uncommon and your clinician will explain these to you before you decide to proceed.

Tear Trough Filler

The soft tissue volume under the eyes reduces with age and a hollow appears above the cheekbone. The skin in this area is also very thin and can sag quite early causing eye bags. This area of skin can also become wrinkled, giving the characteristic ‘crow’s feet’ lines.

Tear Trough hollows appear with age and can be filled with a series of micro-injections of a gel that is massaged in to ensure an even distribution. This can also be surgically corrected by Plastic Surgeons or by using dermal fillers. You will have the opportunity to meet our experienced medical professionals who will discuss with you the best options for your needs.

Skin Rejuvenation

Many people are concerned about the changes they notice in their skin but are confused with the wide variety of treatments available. You have the opportunity to meet our experienced medical professionals who will discuss with you the best options for your needs. The various skin rejuvenation treatments available are:

The Beauty Peel is done using various serums, suited to your requirement. This may be a one-off treatment or a course designed just for you. You may even consider this the ‘ultimate’ facial, for that fresh look and feel.

Skin Resurfacing can be achieved through peels, ultrasound and radiofrequency treatment. The benefit is for targeting skin areas stubborn to other treatments and can be used by itself or as part of other treatments. The principle of these treatments is to challenge the skin by causing local inflammation which then encourages the body to use its natural repair process to heal.

Injections like botulinum toxin or dermal fillers can be used to smoothen out wrinkles and give a youthful appearance by filling in depressions and areas of fat loss. The type of injection used will depend on your need and can be used to either create a slimmer jaw or to enhance one!

Skin Tightening

Skin sagging can be caused by age, weight loss, illness or after a pregnancy. We offer various options including radiofrequency and ultrasound treatment to achieve skin tightening without surgery. However, surgery may be appropriate for some, so if you would like to know what may be best for you, please book a consultation with one of our trained medical team.

Vaginal Treatment with BTL Exilis

There are now new and exciting possibilities for vaginal treatments using Radiofrequency and Laser. We use the BTL Exilis for treatment of the vaginal walls to help women suffering from painful intercourse usually due to the menopause. This is particularly welcome news for women who cannot have hormonal treatment or choose not to have hormones. Some of the women in this group are breast cancer survivors who have been asked to avoid oestrogens. In addition, there are anecdotal reports of women with early prolapse and stress urinary incontinence having a benefit. This is not yet proven but some women have chosen to try this option. This seems to work by increasing collagen formation and blood supply to the vaginal skin. While some centres use it for ‘vaginal rejuvination’, we believe that this claim is unsubstantiated and would prefer that women considering this option make an appointment with one of our doctors to decide if this is appropriate for them.

Skin Resurfacing

There are various options to improve scars and other skin blemishes. These include radiofrequency, ultrasound, mesotherapy, microneedling and injection of your own platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Radiofrequency intensity can be varied depending on your skin condition. It can therefore be tailored according to your needs. As the skin heals, the new skin is healthy, appearing smoother and fresh. The heat energy also stimulates collagen production, which firms up the skin and breaks down scar tissue.


Mesotherapy is a technique in which vitamins, enzymes and natural minerals are injected under the skin through a series of injections. This helps rejuvenate the skin as it delivers nutrients where they are needed. It can also be used to treat hair loss. There is an option of local anaesthetic though the needles are so small, it is not necessary for most people. Each injection places a tiny drop of the solution 1 to 4mm into the skin and a few sessions are required to achieve the desired effect. For treatment of hair loss, you may lose some hair before the effect is visible in a few weeks.


Microneedling is a procedure where a series of small pricks are made on the skin using a hand-held pen-like device and works by stimulating growth of new collagen. Various nutritional serums can then be applied to allow better skin healing. It is mostly used to treat scars, large pores or wrinkles on the face There would be some redness for a few days after the procedure but makeup can be applied. Your skin will also be more sensitive to the sun as it heals, so you should avoid the sum or use sunscreen. Results are usually seen after a series of procedures, determined by your skin condition.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment

This technique involves an injection of your own plasma under the skin (hence the vampire facial!). This can be used for skin rejuvenation and treatment of hair loss. Blood contains plasma and cells (red cells, white cells and platelets). The platelets are essential in clotting blood but also contain multiple proteins called growth factors which are important for healing. PRP is your own plasma with many more platelets than what is typically found in blood. This means that the concentration of growth factors can be 5 to 10 times richer. The plasma for injection is created by first taking a sample of your blood and then passing it through a process called centrifugation, where the plasma is separated from the red and white blood cells.

Weight Loss Clinic

We understand how difficult it can be to lose weight and there is no single intervention which works for everyone. Whether it is for summer, a special occasion, or just to look and feel younger, there are quite a few steps you can take to lose the unwanted weight. We have doctors who specialise in weight loss advice using special diets, nutritional and dietary supplements and prescription medicines if required. Any plan would include an assessment of your health, diet and present levels of exercise. You will then get a personalised tailor made plan setting your personal objectives in a realistic framework. Make an appointment to see one of our doctors today.

PDO Thread Therapy

PDO (Polydioxanone) therapy helps to lift tighten sagging skin. This is achieved by introducing absorbable PDO threads into the subcutaneous tissues using fine needles under local anaesthetic. It works by inducing collagen production in response to the micro-injuries caused by the threads, With time, usually three to six months, the threads are absorbed, leaving the skin tighter due to new collagen formation. The procedure can take between 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. There can be some bruising or swelling occasionally, but this usually clears off after 2 to 3 days. While the best effect is seen in about 6 months, the effects can last for 2-3 years. It is used successfully on the face, jawline, neck, nasolabial folds, arms, thighs and abdomen.

Liquid Face Lift

The liquid facelift involves the use of fillers to gently lift the entire face without surgery. The aim is to not only to restore the natural contours of the face but also to lift specific facial features depending on the aesthetic need. It is therefore tailor-made for you and your facial features. This includes filling the tear trough and nasolabial lines, restoring the cheeks and temples, opening up the eyes, altering the chin, lifting the jawline and smoothing any bumps on the nose. In addition, anti-wrinkle injections can be used for a longer lasting younger look.

The procedure, performed with local anaesthetic, can take between 30 to 45 minutes. You can expect the results to last between 1-2 years.


HIFU uses high-energy ultrasound.
The system is a non-invasive ultrasonic focusing technique. The ultrasonic energy is delivered deep within the skin and causes a thermal reaction, high heat will directly focus on the connective tissue.Non-invasive Ultrasound energy specifically targets the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) and as a result, collagen production is stimulated, and the process of tissue regeneration begins. This causes tightening and lifting of the skin and tissues resulting in a lifted appearance and a tightened feeling.

This fantastic treatment offers a non-invasive and affordable alternative to more invasive treatments such as facelifts with no downtime. This treatment specifically targets the same muscular layer as targeted during a facelift.The health and vitality of the skin’s surface improves and tightens in just one session. A HIFU treatment should prove to be not just a very effective treatment for the client but also as a successful revenue builder due to its non-surgical attributes.

Can anyone have the treatment?

  • Patients with Cold Sores.
  • Open facial wounds, lesions or infections.
  • Metal stents/implants in the treated area.
  • Implantable electrical devices – Pacemakers.
  • Within 2 weeks following Botox and 4 weeks following Fillers.
  • Pregnant or Breast-feeding woman.
  • Active systematic or skin disease which may hinder regeneration.

Where can HIFU be used?
It can be used on the face and body where lifting and tightening is required to include:

  • Brow Lifting
  • Jowl Lifting
  • Mid Face Lifting
  • Nasolabial Fold Reduction o Marionette Line Reduction
  • Neck Lifting
  • Lifting the Décolleté o Brazilian Bum Lifting
  • Overall skin tightening and rejuvenation, areas on the body where there is flaccid skin.

Is it painful?
The treatment should never feel too painful but can get uncomfortable in sensitive areas. You will be asked to score the uncomfortable feeling between 1 and 10, (10 being the most painful).

  • For a Patch Test – Pain Threshold should measure between 3-4 out of 10
  • In the treatment, the maximum Pain Threshold should measure 5-6 out of 10

Following a treatment using the HIFU machine, the skin may show erythema, a tight feeling, and slight prickling or tingling in places. These effects may continue for a few hours. In some rare cases these effects may continue for a period of days.
Avoid using any make-up following a HIFU treatment for up to 12 hours.
Some results will be visible immediately following a treatment (approx. 10%) and effects will continue for up to 90 days following the treatment. If any further treatments are required, please leave a minimum of 12 weeks before further treatments.

How many sessions do I need?

  • 1 – 3 sessions per client
  • Minimum of 12 weeks (90 days) between each treatment
  • Maximum 3 treatments within a 2-year period